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About Holland TCS

Holland TCS provide solutions in training, consulting, calibration and inspection services to local authorities, Construction, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Government organisations across Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Holland TCS services help clients meet their compliance, technical and safety requirements.

The Brief

Holland TCS offer a range of training courses and wanted to be able to make course selection a quick and simple task for clients. A course calendar was a necessity in order to let clients plan their training requirements in the future around their other business commitments.

In addition to training, Holland TCS offer consultancy services in a range of specialist areas including safety management, accident investigation and ergonomics. The website needed to draw attention to these services and invite potential clients to feel comfortable about enquiring about them as well as  providing a convenient method of doing so.

Finally, the site needed to make prospective clients aware of the highly specialised services offered by the company, including Calibration for Gas equipment and servicing and inspection of confined space equipment.


Clear navigation and signposting are the key ingredients of a successful website with such a diverse range of  services. Holland TCS needed their website visitors to be able to see, at a glance, exactly what was on offer and how to find out more. Design and technical teams really needed to work together closely to achieve this successfully.

The Solution

Since the company is unique and offer a specialised range of services, it was clear from the outset that no off-the-shelf website solution would do justice to the job.

Instead, Eximius teams analysed every aspect of the business and devised a custom-built website to meet its every requirement.

Special attention has been given to the user experience, making the selection of specialised and often quite complex products and services much easier and pleasurable for the user.


  • An inviting User Interface that engages visitors with a bright and airy feel.
  • Clear, easy to follow site navigation.
  • Easy to understand signposting confirming at a glance what the site has to offer.
  • A site that functions equally well on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Calendar based course schedules to help clients plan their training requirements into the future.
  • Flexible course scheduling for administrators.
  • Full e-commerce capability for clients wishing to purchase specialist equipment and service on the site, enhanced by a “quick enquiry” service linked to each product. Products can be given multiple price points and other standard e-commerce facilities such as shipping costs are accommodated.


This website has been built from the ground up using tried and tested analysis, design and development technology. In particular we have used Eximius Web Platform, WorldPay API, MailChimp API, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and more.

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