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JAW is a sports apparel and accessories website that was founded by a group of like-minded cyclists, triathletes and marathon runners. Their stylish sports clothing and accessories are made to in-house designs that are constantly revised and enhanced as a result of customer feedback.

JAW’s goals are to create stylish sports apparel and accessories using only the finest and most highly functional materials. There is also a customized service for those passionate and uncompromising teams that focus on individual sports.

JAW was founded by athletes who make a point of monitoring all feedback and listening to athlete’s suggestions and requests. This input, from those who actually use the JAW products, help the team at JAW to improve those  products and services in a way that works in a similar way to a personal trainer, keeping them ahead of the game - what your game happens to be.

The Brief

JAW have a unique proposition in that they came into existence as a result of their involvement with the sports that they supply apparel for. They understand the product because they use the product. It is that relationship between the passion of the site owners and the products they supply that became the challenge for Eximius design and development teams.


JAW needed a website that could engage the customer with meaningful product choices, products that are tried and tested by the team that design and sell them - a team that actually participate in the sports themselves; Triathlon, Cycling and Marathons.

A simple list-style e-commerce site was never going to do it for JAW.


Eximius have built an e-commerce website for JAW that avoids slipping into the all-too-common trap of looking like every other e-commerce website.

JAW’s products are leading edge and in many cases totally unique. They wanted their customers to feel much more involved in the process of choosing and purchasing their sportswear than would be the case with a simple listing website.

Every page, every product, is enhanced by vibrant and totally relevant images taken of real sports men and women engaging in a number of sports. Making a purchase from JAW isn’t just a matter of looking down a list of anonymous products like those listed on Amazon by faceless suppliers.

Another unique element of the JAW proposition is the ability to custom design your own garments. To facilitate this the developers at Eximius have produced a 6-step online tool that takes the user through the process in easy-to-follow stages. This allows JAW to offer something different to run-of-the-mill e-commerce sites, engaging audiences with innovation.


  • A Bright, vibrant look and feel that reflects the energy levels of the sports and sportspeople themselves.
  • A store that is enhanced by super-detailed imagery.
  • Easy to use admin functions at the back end.
  • A unique “design your own” facility in easy to follow steps.


Like all of our projects, JAW was the result of combining great ideas with great design and technology. For those who like to know the underlying technology that goes into a development we are happy to tell our clients exactly how we perform the magic that is their website.

This website has been accomplished using state-of-the-art development technology that has been proven in the field, including Eximius Web Platform, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and more.

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