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Cubico Coffee is much more than just another coffee retailer. Their vision, which Eximius have turned into a reality, was to really involve the customer in the exciting journey of coffee discovery.

Coffee lovers will love this site as it guides them through the 5 stages of coffee enjoyment - from Selection & Picking of the coffee beans through to the final product, in the cup and ready to be drunk.

The Brief

Cubico didn’t leave it at that, however.

In addition to the normal functions of an e-commerce website that sell coffee, they wanted something different, something special, that would really engage website visitors and involve them in the coffee making process.


Cubico wanted their customers to be able to choose from one of their own carefully crafted coffee blends or, if they preferred, to be able to create their own unique blend of coffee.

Eximius took on this challenge and our designers and website developers have produced the Cubico Coffee “Create Your Own Coffee” feature.


We have produced a simple stage-by-stage feature that begins by letting the customer select from a range of coffee beans, combining several different bean types into their own unique blend with our easy to use blend-sliders.

Next, the customer can specify the type of roast that they require, from Light, through to Dark and intense. Our software explains what each roast type will bring to the final product.

The next stage is to select the grind required. Customers choose according to the type of coffee making process they wish to use their coffee for - a fine grind for espresso machines through to a coarser grind for filter machines and cafetieres. Alternatively, they may choose to have their coffee supplied as whole beans and grind it themselves.

Finally, the customer gets to name their coffee - our system enables the customer to enter a name for their blend and the product will be shipped to them with their own personalised label on the packaging.


Customers visiting the Cubico website can find out about the wide range of coffee on offer and buy one of the ready to go options.

However, if they want a coffee that suits their own particular preferences, they can use the “Create Your Own Coffee” feature and there it is, their own unique blend of different coffee types, roasted and ground to their exact requirements and then packed and despatched to their home or business.

To help Cubico retain customers and gain valuable repeat business, a facility was provided to let people store their blend details for easy future reordering.

Every aspect of this project was designed especially for this innovative and forward thinking client.


Our development team created this website using state-of-the-art website development technologies including PayPal API, API, C# ASP.NET, Telerik, MS SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and more.

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