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About Janavi

Janavi is the largest manufacturer of bijouterie in Russia. Founded in 1991 in Saint Petersburg, the company quickly grew into the substantial design, production and distribution powerhouse that it is today, employing over 500 people.

The company are proud to be certified by Swarovski and incorporate their crystals into many of their designs.

Jenavi’s bijouterie is immensely popular, not only in Russia but across the world with their high quality exquisite products being loved by the women of Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

The Brief

The client did, of course, need an e-commerce solution to handle online sales of their exclusive jewelry to members of the public who want to buy it.

Visitors to the website are rewarded by being immersed in a sizeable catalogue of fabulous pieces that they just cannot find anywhere else - except, that is, for the network of 400+ dealers and distributors who work together to make Jenavi’s creations available worldwide.

With several new collections being added every month, and with so many lovely creations to choose from, the website had to be easy to navigate and display the company’s work in a way that ensured the site visitor could truly appreciate the intrinsic beauty of what they were seeing.


This website has many identities which include sales demonstrator, stock organiser, merchandiser, inventory controller and also looks after taking payment as well as shipping and distribution.

All of that functionality has to work seamlessly together to present the visitor with an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

In an ideal world we would simply start with a blank “canvas” and create exactly what our client needs, from scratch. However, that is not always possible and it certainly wasn’t in this case. A legacy system was in place that represented a substantial investment in terms of both money and time. It simply wasn’t possible to just leave all of that behind and start over.

The Solution

Eximius analysts, designers and developers took as much as they could from the legacy site and then remodelled it to become the multi-faceted celebration of beautiful jewelry that you see today. Where functions did not work as required, they were modified or replaced, where they did not exist, now they do.

Our design teams always work hand in hand with their technical counterparts, talking with each other all the time, exchanging ideas and solutions, working as one big problem-solving entity.

The result, of which we are very proud, is a solid, visually astonishing, technically accomplished website that handles virtually every aspect of the client’s complex and dynamic business. From pricing to promotions, sales to stock control, the Jenavi site, handmade by Eximius, is an imposing landmark on the Internet e-commerce landscape. 


  • Visually appealing and engaging product showcases which may be searched and viewed in a variety of different ways.
  • Comprehensive e-commerce functionality with multi-currency shopping basket, stock management, promotion handling and shipping all handled with ease.



A number of different development tools and techniques were employed to deliver such a multi-talented solution to our clients, including Eximius Web Platform, ChipCard API, MailChimp API, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and more.

Although we are always happy to discuss technical issues with our clients and their teams we find that most of them are happy to see and enjoy the results of our efforts rather than spend too much time on the technicalities.

Our technical teams keep up-to-date with the latest in website development technology and empower our designers and developers to provide you with the website solution you desire in the most efficient and future-proof way possible.

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