Technical Development

Technical Development

Imagine having a team of top-flight developers covering all the necessary skills needed to get your project off the drawing board and up and running. Turning your ideas into action.  Imagine being able to do that without all the hassle of recruiting, training, managing and retaining all those talented individuals.

Our development teams have the expertise to make a tangible product or application out of even the most ambitious vision and the most exciting ideas.

We cover Every Aspect of Website and e-commerce Development

Websites can be very simple or complex. A simple website is often just an online version of a product brochure. The team at Eximius will produce a simple website quickly and at reasonable cost. Tell us what you want we will do it with the minimum of fuss.

However, if you have a bigger vision of what you want to accomplish with your website, that’s when we come into our own with or unique mix of custom development skills which can make all the difference for your project. Perhaps you want to link your website to external databases and e-commerce stores or reference the API’s of other data suppliers, perform calculations and show customised reports to your site visitors, so they get personalised value on your site there-and-then.

With the unstoppable move towards mobile devices as the main way of using the internet,  it’s wise to look at ways to optimise your online presence for smartphones and other mobile devices. Our app development team will advise you as to the best way of delivering your product or service through a downloadable app.

Once again, we don’t expect you to know the technical details - just tell us what you need to achieve and we’ll design and write an app to meet your exact needs. Your app can be independent from your website, yet interact with it as needed, giving your customers the best possible mobile experience.

Websites built with visibility and findability in mind

Success online isn’t just about launching a website and waiting for the visitors to come and start buying. Your website needs to be built in such a way as to be both attractive and visible to visitors and also accessible to search engines. You want Google and the other search engines to visit your site and index its content regularly so that it is always up-to-date. When someone searches for a product or service that you supply you want it to be your website that Google shows to them - not that of your competitors.

Our development team will make sure that your website is structured in such a way as to be easily scanned and understood by search engines so that your page link will be shown higher up in the rankings, bringing more visitors - and more business - to your website.

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