Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

For some, that will come as a result of being listed prominently in the search results, for others it will be as a result of having a strong social media presence. Some businesses rely on being found in published articles, blogs and on other, specialist, websites.

For most businesses however, it will be a combination of all those things, and more. That’s why every business needs a digital strategy, a roadmap that will take your online presence from the virtual backstreets to the places where you will be seen by those who are looking for your products and services.

Plan To Succeed - Online

Planning a digital strategy can be complex - How can you generate a constant stream of fresh enquiries for your business?

  • How much should you spend on Pay Per Click advertising?
  • Should you be spending more time and money developing a highly authoritative website?
  • What about email marketing, how do you put together a mailing list?
  • And what about video advertising on YouTube?

Our digital marketing strategists will spend time in evaluating your options and deliver a plan designed to get your business the visibility, reach and relevance it needs.

To Pay, or not to Pay

Our PPC team are fully up-to-date with the options offered by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you use their advertising platforms, like Google’s “AdWords” effectively you can have top-of-page visibility every time someone carries out a search for the types of products and services you provide.

How do you get your name out there amongst those who are looking for whatever it is that you do? For many, the answer is with “Content Marketing.” Content Marketing is a wide ranging and often complex strategy that can build people’s awareness of your business and lead them in droves to your digital door.

We want you to spend your marketing budget wisely and get the best possible results, the best ROI - Return On Investment. We will look at search volumes, branded and non-branded keywords, keyword costs and your competitors’ strategy in order to recommend the best type of investment. 

Make Sure You are Performing to a Receptive Audience

Once we know that we start to help you to define your “audience” - the group of people who are most likely to buy your product. Then we start to devise the best strategy for targeting those people with the right combination of marketing techniques.

People do not make a buying decision until they have had several points of contact with a product or service. They are likely to look at your product and those of your competitors before making a choice.

A well thought out strategy will deliver an ongoing sequence of touchpoints along the customer’s path to purchase, with a clear plan on how each contributes to a conversion or a purchase. We will carry out a detailed assessment of your Digital Marketing requirements and deliver a proposed strategy that will guarantee results.

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We’d love to find out more about you, your business and your current projects. One of our team members will get back to you shortly and set up a call to discuss your needs further.

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