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Shiva is an easy-to-use yet efficient resource to help recently bereaved family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances honor the passing of a loved one. By carefully blending centuries-old religious traditions with modern-day customs, Shiva offers information and guidance about custom and procedures whilst also subtly suggesting appropriate items to send and words to express condolences in a respectable and understanding way.

The site additionally includes information about how and where to send messages, food, platters and donations, as well as a directory of trusted vendors to help reduce the stress that often comes with making such arrangements.

The Brief

This site needed to combine the sensitivity that is required when dealing with the bereaved with the business-like approach that is necessary when providing products and services on a commercial basis.

This has been achieved by giving the website a content-rich and informative structure that will assist those who may need help and guidance as to how to react to a Jewish bereavement, what to do and say and what is appropriate to give by way of a gift in such circumstances.


Eximius developers have facilitated all of the above requirements by seamlessly dividing the site into three main areas; “Learn”, “Plan” and “Send”. Depending on their circumstances and the nature of their relationship with the bereaved, site visitors can find out all they need to know in order to support and convey their sympathy and best wishes to the bereaved, as well as how to plan everything that may be necessary and select food and other items to be sent to the family.


Helpful Tools

A number of practical “tools” are provided to assist with practical issues such as dealing with different calendars, different public holiday schedules and date formats.

A Learning Centre

A “Learning Centre” is provided to give access to articles which have been grouped in sections in order to provide information about the customs and traditions relating to Shiva and the Jewish mourning including the mourning process Guidance is given as to how to cope with loss and support is offered to family and friends along with helpful and meaningful ways to honor the loved one’s memory.

Planning Center

There’s also a “Planning Center” which includes an interactive map of the USA that enables the viewer to filter listings of Trusted Businesses by state and key cities throughout the country. This directory lists Trusted Businesses which are chosen for the quality of their food, the reliability of their customer service and the extent of their knowledge on the customs and traditions of Shiva and Jewish mourning practices.

The Send Center

This comprises of a nationwide products list which allows the user to send an appropriate sympathy gift to any Shiva throughout the country and search to find a range of traditional foods, baked goods, and other appropriate items with which to express their condolences.

There is also a Plant a Tree / Garden feature which is a traditional way in the Jewish faith to show that you care and to help Israel to become a greener country. Each order is mailed to the recipient with a beautiful certificate bearing a personal message.

Local Options

In some areas, in addition to nationwide delivery, local options are available in selected markets. This option provides for gifts to be hand delivered and available for same day delivery, with options including  the very best deli, pastries, and fresh fruit, along with unique regional favorites.

Interested traders may register with the site and become a supplier through the marketplace.


We were concerned with the need to combine a learning experience with a practical hands-on guide as to practice and procedures appropriate to Shiva. The website is intended to be the only destination necessary for most visitors, with easy to use and clear navigation around the site being integral to its design.

The e-commerce elements of the site are convenient and easy to use but retain an element of subtlety and respect for the bereaved.

We believe that what we have achieved with Shiva is a resource that the Jewish community and others will find useful and comforting with its unique combination of information, safe and secure ordering and practical tools.

Technologies Used

We believe that Shiva represents an inspired combination of informative content, subtle yet attractive design, e-commerce functionality and the application of web technology to provide interactive elements such as maps, and localised speciality ordering.

This website has been built with the very latest, yet tried and tested, development technology. In particular we have used API, C# ASP.NET, Telerik, MS SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and more.

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